Hi! It's me.

I have neglected you Blog and I apologize! I want to start talking to you about my upcoming release.  I have been working hard behind the scenes to finish what I thought would be a full length album.  After evaluating the songs I have already recorded and the three others that I had planned to record, I feel it flows best to release a six song EP first and work on more after its debut.  The cohesiveness and flow of these songs feel perfect to me and summarize my experiences over the past few years.  The fist thing I will share with you is a song put to video, that has taken me years to write, for my dear friend Holly. We lost Holly June 11th, 2015, so I feel it is fitting to share this tribute to her on June 11th of this year.  What is so special about it is that my first true fan from American Idol, Colby, is putting the video together.  Over the years both Holly and I have become close friends with Colby and have loved watching her blossom into a beautiful young woman.  She is currently studying Videography at SCAD. The video will be shared on YouTube and all my social media pages so please feel free to share it with anyone you feel could relate to such a tragic loss. 

I will keep you informed on the movement of the EP in the meantime! Please check the tour page for upcoming shows:) I have been cherishing my time in the Brandon "Taz" Niederauer Band on the side and we have lots of shows coming up! I am most looking forward to sharing all the new original music with a ten piece band on September 14th at The Cutting Room, NYC, at my Amy Winehouse Birthday Celebration show! Please get tickets asap as this is usually a sell out!!

I give you my heart, always.