Its been a great year full of growth all around!! Yes, I’m very fat now…. haha kidding! I have grown in so many ways- as an artist, a singer, a teacher, a friend, a family member and as a person in general. I have never been more excited for the future as I am today. FINALLY after two years my Sophomore Album will be released in April, 2019. There will be a small tour based around its release so stay in touch and check the website! In addition to the NorthEast, I will definitely be making stops in the South to perform and celebrate this milestone.

I am also looking forward to this years Heritage Jazz festival in New Orleans as I join Leo Nocentelli of The Meters on one of the Main stages at the festival, along with Ghost Note at One Eyed Jacks, and many other appearances late night surrounding the festival dates. Shows will constantly be added to my schedule so pay close attention if you are interested in enjoying and supporting! I love you all and want to see as many faces as possible at these events!

Thank you so much for a wonderful year and for your continued love and support. Happy New Year my EliTes!!

Much Love and Music,