So many things to be thankful for!

I have enjoyed spending time with my friends and family this past month more than I can put into words.  Such an added bonus to see the beautiful first snow in my home town clinging to the branches of the hovering trees.  I am truly blessed in so many ways and so are you! 

This past month has been packed with opportunities and experiences that have changed me for the better.  A best friend of mine Adam Fallen always reminds people that the definition of luck is when preparation meets opportunity.  New York is a city where luck is thick in the air and it's up to you to grab it and run with it.  Although I will always call Charleston home, I am looking forward to all the great unknowns that the city has to offer.  This week I have had the pleasure of sitting in with Robert Randolph and the Family Band which included members of one of our favorite bands Lettuce on stage.  I had two shows of my own in Hoboken at Maxwell's Tavern and also at Arlene's Grocery in the East Village of Manhattan.  Both shows felt wonderful with two different super sick nasty bass players haha. Seriously tho- they killed it.  I had such a wonderful time. 

Plans for the new year include new music with a cohesive sound starting with a Single hopefully ready for release by February 14 at my annual Valentines Day Show at the Charleston Music Hall.

Do something new this weekend and don't forget to take chances and cease the moment! YOLO! 

Love and Music,