I have learned this week that at there are several pretty high quality videos of performances I've done!  I usually use Youtube so I have missed out on these!  This one especially stood out to me as it is very nicely put together from clips of our show on Valentine's Day February 14, 2013.  The beginning of the clip shows us at soundcheck.  Just moments before that footage was taken I had learned that a Best Friend who you may know, Holly Harrison, had suffered from a Brain Aneurysm and was being rushed in for immediate Brain Surgery.  She is alive and well now after months of a Coma, multiple procedures and Hospital stays.  That day was very meaningful in so many ways and especially because of that incident.  Holly had designed the fliers for that show, as she had done for many other shows of mine in the past.  In addition to being an incredible friend she has also been one of my biggest supporters.  I considered canceling the show but knew she would NOT like that! The show went on as we all held her in our hearts, playing almost every note for her.  Please enjoy this video when you have a chance to relax!